Mocha is a toy Cavoodle and was born blind with no chance of ever correcting her eyesight. I adopted her as a 12 week old puppy and she has transformed our lives (mine and my toy poodle Milly). She has gained confidence daily and has become a cheeky, happy 11 month old. She adores everyone – human or furry – and brings a smile to everyone’s face. Initially Milly took her under her wing and helped her navigate life and they are now inseparable. Unfortunately we have discovered Mocha has a number of issues and has started to display seizure-like behaviour but this hasn’t slowed her down.
I am an empty nester with a broken marriage and found myself slipping into an unfamiliar place. Sharing my home with Mocha, and of course little Milly, has given me so much. How long we will have Mocha is unknown but her happy, positive nature has made my life complete again.

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