We had lost our Westie to cancer 6 months prior and vowed "that's the last dog" and we only lasted 6 months before it got the better of me. I was lonely and my wife agreed to let me look. We tried for another Westie, but for some reason we were unsuitable and the cost was prohibitive as my wife had just retired and I was recovering from a stroke, so we were now a pair of pensioners. I missed out on a number of small dogs in the metro area, and one day in May I saw an ad for Mitch at Holly's and enquired. I had to drive 2 hours to Maitland to see him and the wife said "don;t you bring a dog home that sleeps on the bed" so I didn't…….
I brought one home that slept IN the bed. Now he is one of the family and walks every day and is the best, loving dog I have ever known.
PS I found out from the paper work that his previous owner lived only 15 mins away………her mother lived in Maitland and she wanted her advice.

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