We found Misty on Pet Rescue as a little pup, who has been left at the pound in Moora NSW. We live in WA.
I wasn’t really ready for another dog in my life as had recently lost our Daisy (little terrier dog) from old age. However, when I saw this cute little pup, next thing I knew she was on a plane on her way to us.
Misty is the most active, destructive, jumpy dog, I have ever known. But she is also affectionate, cuddly and friendly. She has us all besotted.
She loves long long walks and never gets tired, so I have become a very long walker, I love it.
She really hasn’t changed since she arrived to live with us, except she was tiny and now she is big, but she still thinks she is the little pup that she was and sitting on top of us is not a problem for her. We love her.

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