I lost my Father in December, 2016 & 4 days later I lost my best friend of 16 years Elly ( she was a Maltese x), Elly had been suffering from Cushing's Disease. Late 2017 I decided to adopt from Claws & Paws Rescue. I received correspondence from them about a little Maltese Lady who was 11 years old, her owner had passed away. Misty came to join our merry little band of doggies. When she arrived she weighed 5 kilo's, Misty now weighs 11 Kilo's. It took a little while for her to settle into her new environment. She has an uncanny knack of letting me know what she wants, with just a look. When the water bowl is empty she does a little dance to alert us. She enjoys going to the " poochy parlour " for some pampering & is such a placid little girl, she loves playing swap the bed with her Sisters.
Misty turned 13 in May & is a huge part of the family now. I believe Elly sent Misty to us. It's been wonderful to give Misty a new home. Highly recommend Rescuing or adopting, the rewards are priceless.

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