In 2011, a timid and scared three-legged Toy Poodle called Missy was handed into the vet surgery I worked at for euthanasia. The reason she was brought in to be put down was because her previous owner deemed her to be too aggressive. As soon as I looked into her little almond eyes, I knew she would be coming home with me. Missy was most likely abused in her previous life as she was (and still is) extremely untrusting of men. I believe this probably is the reason behind why she is missing her right front leg. Since coming home, Missy has flourished into a confident, loving and happy dog. She has become my protector, my comfort and my shadow through times of true happiness and sadness. She’s my best friend and I haven’t taken a step without her beside me for the past 10 years. She honestly is that once in a lifetime dog and I am so thankful Missy picked me to share her life with. She has changed my life for the better and I will never take for granted the unconditional love she has shown me every single day.

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