I lost my two elderly fur babies in 2019 (Roxy) and 2021 (Monsty). This all happened during my divorce and without them, my home felt empty and lonely. I was waiting to move to a bigger place, with a yard, before getting another dog. I loved the natures of my last two dogs and I hoped that a new dog would be similar, so I asked "the spirit" of my deceased fur baby (Monsty) to pick a dog for me. One day, randomly scrolling through Instagram, I saw Missy (a Belgian Shepherd). What caught my attention was that she was described as "lovable" and she looked a bit like Roxy. I met Missy, and even though she is much bigger than I expected, Monsty got it right — Missy was the lovely girl I had been waiting for.
Missy has made me smile, kept me active, and protected me and my home. A beautiful (sometimes stubborn) companion ans fur baby xx

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