I adopted my staffy cross Miso from DARE Inc, a border collie rescue. Getting her opened my eyes to the world of rescue! The DARE team drove from Brisbane to rural NSW to collect her and her pups even though she wasn’t a border collie! To top it off she was dying at cost them an arm and a leg to bring back to good health!
She has brought so much love and joy to my life I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without her little ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ grunts, without her ‘welcome home’ howls, without ‘it’s going to be ok’ paw on my leg. Her love has inspired me to give back to help rescue other dogs so others can find a pooch they feel the same way about! Because of her I have done countless trips around south-east Queensland, Bundaberg and NSW. Even a trip to rescue 15 Koolies from living in cars 10 hours away. It wasn’t petrol that fueled these trips (who can afford it?) it was my love for Miso! I never realised how much love a dog could give and how much more fulfilled my life would be because of her!

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