On the 2nd January 2018 we sadly lost our 14yo fur baby Toffee to kidney disease. It broke my heart. You see I have a debilitating back injury and toffee was by my side everyday since my injury. I cried daily for months. one day I read about a local cat rescue group and decided I had to visit them. I met Jeanie who ran the rescue and explained my situation. She was lovely and very understanding. She told me to sit in the large cage with the cats and see how I go. Well I sat on the bench and this skinny pretty little girl jumped on my lap and rubbed her head right into my hands. I cried my eyes out as she rubbed into me purring loudly. I just knew she was the one I’d take home. She chose me to be her new mumma. After leaving I couldn’t stop thinking about Miori and knew that toffee had sent her to me to heal my broken heart. A week later I bought Miori home and she has been by my side ever since. We now have 3 rescues from Jeanie’s. Miori, Luna & Sprocket.

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