Minx was 6 mths old when I found her at Cat Haven. I originally went to adopt a kitten but saw this gorgeous girl hiding behind her igloo. I was informed that she was picked up by the rescue group because the owner told them either pick this cat up or he would kill it. She was quite timid at first, but settled reasonably quickly. I was going through breast cancer treatment at the time so this beautiful girl was a huge comfort for me. She was my constant companion & distraction. I always said that Minx rescued me, not the other way around. When Minx was 2 years old I was asked to take the last kitten from a litter that was born under my sisters house. We added Mini ( named Mini as she was identical to Minx) to the family and they bonded beautifully. Minx died from feline leukaemia when she was 9. I was absolutely devastated, I’m tearing up writing this. I have her photo on my dressing table & her ashes in my office next to our dogs that have died over time. Mini helped fill the void and she is now 14 years old.

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