We adopted sisters Mindy and Georgie when they were one. They are Jack Russell crosses and they had so much energy. We lived in Adelaide and would walk them for miles through Belair national park. On one occasion we met a brown snake and all got off unscathed. -Amazingly .
They loved the beach and would dive in the waves and roll in the sand. Once after doing this Mindy ran off and dived on a bikini clad lady! Thank goodness she loved dogs and sat up laughing.
We have had so many good times with these girls. They have been there for our wedding, moved to a farm, welcomed other rescues and the farm cat. Greeted our children. Travelled.
Now 17 these four pawed ones are still with us. Once skinny, scared and untrusting. Now a little deaf and stiff with arthritis but happy. These girls have added heaps of fun and joy to our lives and given us so very much.

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