Im in the Military and had to deploy late last year. I have two rescue dogs Gypsy the GS and Rusty a Corgi X Dingo.
Just before Christmas while still away Rusty sadly died of old age( I was able to be on Video call while vet put him to sleep).

It was very heart breaking being away and Gypsey was pining for her friend Rusty.

As soon as I got back in April I looked for another rescue dog and found Milo the Chihuahua x.

I drove 10 hrs round trip from Perth to Esperence to get Milo.

The first day he completely dominated and tried to beat up Gypsey the GS. While Gypsy was not impressed it was pretty funny.

Day two and he brought a new lease of life to her and me.

While Ill never forget my little one eyed gentleman Rusty, Milo has completely charmed Me, Gypsy and all he meets.

We just need to stop him stealing sox and bra,s.

Gypsy and Milo are now firm friends and Milo loves sleeping at my feet. Just like a furry hot water bottle.

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