I lost my 15yr old family dog only days after return home from working overseas at the end of 2020. I fell into a deep hole of negative mental health and nothing was working. It was recommended that I look at getting another dog. Adopting Millie was a match made in heaven. Millie came into my life and completely changed it, keeping me up, moving, smiling and having a sense of purpose. Millie needed a lot of training so I was able to stay busy by studying dog training courses and our bond cemented due to our training sessions. Millie senses my emotions and always makes sure she can see/monitor me. We go on so many adventures together, such as hikes, car rides, city and beach walks and boat rides . To have someone/thing that loves me just the way I am is the most precious gift that Millie has given me. I am forever grateful for her and her bouncy, paws-itive nature. I love you, Millie! Thank you for being

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