Milkie came into my life on 16.08.2020 from Moree. He had been dropped at the shelter with the owner saying he will be put to sleep if you dont take him and he hadnt been vaccinated. Luckily they took him. He had just turned 9. He wasnt house trained nor had he ever been out walking or been on a lead and he was scared stiff of hosepipes and vacuum cleaners and mops and still runs to hide if they come out. He weighed 3.1kilos and his bones were sticking out. He now weighs 4.3 and he is as pleased as punch with himself and the best little chap in all the world. He was joined by a little Pomerainian girl aged 8 called Ruby also from Pet Rescue in Bateau Bay who is smart and wonderful and who loves Milkie and they spend hours with each other playing and we walk twice a day which is a hilite and they love it. You cant recognise him any longer as his hair has grown and instead of looking like a ruffian he looks like a proper little gent. Arent I lucky.

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