I put my hand up to foster two frightened Chihuahua mixes that were surrendered to the pound together. The cream girl escaped while at the vet and was on the run for two weeks. A lot of effort went into getting back and we finally caught her in a cat trap. I had them for two months and once they knew they were safe they were safe they were the most loving cuddly dogs. There new family lived 5 hours away and when driving home from picking them up they stopped half way and Mica escaped again as she was frightened. She was on the run again for two weeks in a tiny country town. I made many trips down to find her and had no luck. My grandma took her caravan and stayed in the small town with her dog that Mica had met before and managed to coax her over with her dog and got back safe! She had a bite Mark from what may have been a dingo. The relief to have her back safe and sound was worth all the effort! She is. Ow happy in her new home with her brother baby.

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