Mia came into my life last October.
I had been looking to adopt another cat after mine had passed of old age in covid, I received a call from GAWS to say we might have a match for you and went down that day. it was another cat they had in mind for me but he did not seem to quite warm to me.
Then showed me a little girl 2 years old, who the people did not want when they looked at her, but you may like.
Well it was instant love from both of us and this little skinny cat came and wrapped her self around me, she was, I couldn't believe it my old cat" Bolt" reincarnated.
Home we went, to meet her new friend Archie, who is also adopted.
GAWS had feed her on Hills, but she was not to happy on that and my local Pet Stock suggested Ivory Coat, which is Australian made.
Well she Loves Chicken and Kangaroo dry and will eat nothing else, so I have left her with that.
she has now gained weight , has the most shinny coat and is happy.
Thankyou GAWS, thankyou Ivory Coat for great products.

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