We found Mia, a beautiful Jack Russell (She had another name but we decided to change it) because it was a new wonderful life with a new name.

The day we pick her up, she was “1 year old” that is what the owner said… it was super skinny, you could feel her little bones. She supposed to weight between 7 to 10 kg. (She was 3.3 ! We take her to vet following day) She was the most anxious living soul I have ever seen, desperate looking for food and love.

In the Vet had blood test and urine test (she had kidney issues ) thats why we have been feeding her with renal special food. She has being with us for 3 weeks, and she is already 5kg!! We are so excited watching all of her physical changes and personality.

First week she was anxious, a lot , but shy and quiet. Now she is super active, inside home and outside. Normally she is scared and shy with other dogs, but not today, she play with 5!. Its being a roller coaster of emotions. We love her.

Now she has found a forever lovely family !

Mia’s parents

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