We always adopt the older dogs and have had some lovely dogs over the years, but little Mia and little Bella who were 10 when we adopted them, were a couple of our favourites, one was in such a state, over weight, matted and afraid of everything, the other was underweight but during their few years with us they became courageous, the underweight one became a real character and could understand so many word's , too many really, they both slept exactly where they wanted, but found their real bed was in our bed. They put laughter in our life again after loosing our little spaniel who died at 14 years, they brought the spark back into our life and stopped us from mourning as the house felt cold without dogs in. Mia the littlest had a friend called Bentley who had poor health and she protected him against all comers even though she was so tiny herself she had the heart and courage of a lion. They were just two little older dogs that nobody wanted but we did, sadly they died within a few years but they had the best last years of their life with us.

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