We had a tour of the vet after our puppy graduated puppy-school. While touring, we saw a ‘stray kitten’ who was hit by a car. When we approached the kitten, he was purring and smooching up against the cage. We knew we couldn’t leave him, so asked what would happen to him if no one collected him. The vet told us he would get his back leg amputated and then given to a rescue to be adopted. We called ‘shot gun’ on adopting the kitten. We called the vet everyday asking if he was ready to come home. Once we picked him up and brought him home, we called him Merv. He was shy for a day or two and now greets us at the door when we come home. Having three legs has not slowed him down one bit. Merv now enjoys his days playing with our puppy, snuggling on the couch and demanding more pats! Who knew a cat could bring so much love into a home!

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