Meru's arrived in style. The lovely people at the RSPCA delivered him to us right at the start of Covid lockdown. As the van door slid open his whole arm was poking out of an airhole in his cardboard carrier, and he was busy scratching open a bag of food someone else had ordered! (sorry to that kitty that some of your Hills was missing!). He was a skitty, pouncy little kitty, and wasnt sure of affection. He's never been a lapcat. Even now he only sits near us occasionally, on a blanket. Over time he's grown to trust us and is now a chatty little chap who begs (miaows)to be picked up and carried about. He will sit happily like that for as long as we can hold him. He now adores a fuss (if carried). Meru has made apartment living a joy during social isolation. He has entertained us and played for hours to fill our quiet evenings whilst our family and friends are all in lockdown on the other side of the world (UK). We now can't imagine a world without him and he will be coming with us to wherever home is next. He's family.

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