There was an urgent call out one night for a foster carer for Meika, my old dog had recently passed away aged 17 and a half years old, so I answered the call to foster this kitty. One month later and it was very clear Meika was not moving out, after ten plus years of fostering animals, I became one of the much talked about 'foster fail'. parents. I officially adopted Meika, and the two of us are a perfect match.. This cat has opened up a part of my broken heart I did not think was reachable. she is adored by my elderly parents, my mum has vascular dementia so Meika is wonderful with her. I never thought I was a cat person till this little girl came into my life, but here I am a crazy cat lady and loving every second with this gorgeous girl, and so blessed to have been able to save her life and giver her a forever home.

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