My husband and I lost both our dogs in one year to old age and I was very lost. I started looking at rescue animals online just to see what was out there. I saw this picture of a bonded pair of cavaliers. Something in their eyes said to me that they were destined to be a part of our family. I made contact and received their history. Ex puppy farm dogs, no real history and no idea if the 2 were related. When we met, they were so scared & timid. Hubby questioned whether we were doing the right thing, but I just knew deep in my heart they were meant to be with us. 3 years later and they are confident and outgoing and loving their new life. For me it has provided a bond of love that only fur parents would understand. They are my world and I love coming home to their excited faces. They don't care that I've had a bad day or not be organised, they are just glad that I made it home to be with them. Thank you Pet Rescue for bringing these 2 girls home

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