I heard about 2 litters of stray kittens at the one location. After many phone calls to multiple rescue organisations they were at capacity. I put out the word to good people who were responsible pet owners and I found homes for all but 3 which were siblings. Before I could decide to keep one my son already had one in his arms sitting in the car. Her name is Meesha. She lives a wonderful life with my other cats and dog, all rescue pets. The man who found the cats on his property agreed to keep the last 2. I have had them desexed., constantly deliver food to them & provide flea & worm treatment when I can. Winning would help to continue assisting with these cats. I regularly check in on the other re-homed kittens & they are doing well. Meesha is a beautiful tortoiseshell cat who is affectionate & a great addition to our family. The video attached is of Meesha & my big boy I adopted from Happy Tails. I also have an adopted cat from RSPCA & a cat & dog privately rescued. Rescues come in different forms. Photo is of the 2 I help

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