We feel like the luckiest pet owners since finding our beautiful Mayley (12 years) and Ruby (8 months).
Mayley was found by our brother in law wandering the farms of north QLD, emaciated and weak. A lady called form a distance " If you don't take her ill shoot her". So we took her and gave her a loving home.
Ruby was picked up by cairns animal rescue group after wandering the streets in a remote community where kids were throwing rocks at her.
Mayley and Ruby are years apart but both have the exact same qualities. They share a love for each other, and they share a love and special bond with every human they meet. From the moment we met them they both gave us an immense amount of love and curiosity, and they both have something special that has people stopping everywhere we go to hear their story.
These dogs have made us appreciate just how special the love can be between humans and dogs, and that all they really want and need is food, love and plenty of beach walks!

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