I have always had dogs that were in need of love, others call them the runt or the reject with that different quality that is not the norm but to me I call them the special one ! Maya was in need of knowing she was special, loved and wanted I have multiple sclerosis and after losing my dog of 14 yrs I was very depressed, isolated and lonely I did not know if I was ready to love again after 7 mths alone, but the day i saw Maya my mind was made up I have challenges in life but so did she, Maya gave me a purpose again I now get up to feed her and walk her People say I saved her but she saved me! It is a two way relationship that we both benifit from, Maya is the best medication anyone could prescribe Maya is not judgemental and provides unconditional love 24/7 Maya does not except the days when I am down or sore as she hops my lap gives me bigs kiss or her ball and brings a big smile to my face Maya understands me and I love her

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