Maya has transformed from a timmid scared mistreated little girl into a mature confident adolescent who has a character of her own, the dog I brought home honestly looked like an adorable rat she was skinny malnourished and covered in fleas, she had no bonding or teaching from her parents as her mum even had no milk as she was too skinny, it took me three days to even teach her how to drink any water as her dog family didnt even have water supplied, Maya now is a princes she has everything she has ever wanted or needed, she loves ajilty and playing with her ball and I can even sleep in her queen bed 😊 my life would not be the same if I did not have Maya, As I have multiple sclerosis and depression Maya is the sun shine in everyday
Maya has changed my life in many ways but sometimes she is the reason I get up in the morning, she is the reason we go outside to get any exercise and we'll some people say I rescued her but in a lot of ways she rescued me

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