Maxine, a tiny 1-month-old black kitten with siblings entered our local shelter four and a half years before I adopted her. She was shy, scared and after biting my finger (my fault), got away and lived in corners, hiding for a couple of months like a phantom. Close to 2 years later, she lives out in the open, loves playing, still doesn't like to be picked up (or visit the vet), but tolerates an occasional loving cuddle and we love living together. Maxine is beautiful inside and out. Though she never learned to meow but only 'squeaks', she purrs beautifully now. She loves being close to me but she also loves her housemates and we are all grateful for the shelter's no-kill policy. Like all black cats, Maxine deserves happiness, freedom, sunshine and as much love as she gives to me. Wouldn't it be lovely if all shelters were able to have no-kill policies and black cats were accepted just like any other. Spread the word, black cats rock!

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