We chose Maxi from the website and did a 700km round trip to meet him (taking our other 2 year old rescue to meet as well) and adopting him on the day. After his first vet trip with us we realised he was very unwell. He has had x-rays, blood tests and antibiotics to get him back to good health. He is slowly recovering physically and finally gaining weight.

When Maxi entered our house it was clear to us he had a terrible start to life not only physically but mentally as well. He was skin and bone and had no trust of humans. He was a scared and timid little boy and would run away from you. His big sister is great for his confidence and acts as his security blanket. Where she is, he will be! We have since developed his trust and is now an energetic little puppy who loves his big fur sister. He loves to go for a walk, and playing. He can sit, stay, come and shake hands.

Everyday is a better day with Maxi and he completes out four legged family of rescues misfits!

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