When I went into the pet shop there was just one cat from the rescue centre available. It was hard to see ‘Maverick’ because he was tucked into the back of the box. The photo on his cage showed a black cat. After talking to him gently a furry arm immerged. As soon as I saw those beautiful green eyes it was “hook, line & sinker” for me! He was supposed be a present for my Mum but the little wheedler charmed himself into my heart.

From being gunshot shy he is now the ‘man of the house’ I receive 24/7 Care in my unit. My Support Workers are known as his ‘Aunties’. We tend to his every purring, bellowing need. ‘Mr Mav’ has gone from being stressed to being content and playful. Before he’d hide for hours and have episodes of urinary stress requiring vet visits. Now with love and a special diet he’s relaxed enough to come out of his shell!

We love him to bits! Even when he gallops up and down the hallway trying to open my door during the night. Banging on it with two paws just because he’s bored. True love is having Maverick!

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