With the passing of my spoodle, my other dog Oscar became very anxious so i started looking for a friend. Matthew aged 12 was up for adoption with Lab rescue. I applied but had to go to London for family issues. I would check the web daily to see if he had been adopted whilst away. On return, Lab rescue rang and organised for him to come down from Canberra. I told Oscar he was getting a brother and showed him photos. When Matthew arrived, oscar ran to the car and his anxiety lessened with Matthew by his side. I have now had Matty matt for two years and also resced two cats. Matthew has dementia and arthritis but we have wonderful vetinary support and at 14 1/2 he is doing well. . All the boys get along. Matthew loves the park, sniffs, being brushed and he has a couple of beds so he can have a lie down. We are soo lucky a nbd proud to have him

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