My partner and I adopted a 12-18 month old pitbull x kelpie dog in February 2021. We were told she had an extensive range of mistreatment which included being bred for profit (had 4 litters), physically abused and starved.
When we brought her home she was 20kgs, and looked very malnourished.
She was extremely anxious of her new family and house, and tried many times to escape. She was welcomed with lots of toys but had no idea what they were. She didn't even know how to be a dog. It broke our heart.
5 months down the track and she is a completely different dog! Living up to the name Marshmallow – a BIG SOFTIE. She is so placid, and has the biggest heart. LOVES her toys, especially chasing a ball, going for walks and sleeping on the couch or bed.
She is our greatest achievement so far, and we can't express how much in love we are. Not only have we changed her life but she has changed ours.
My favourite thing is coming home to her every day (sorry to my partner haha).
I cannot wait for many years left with her.

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