I picked up Marbles from the RSPCA Rockhampton Rescue shelter at their 'Clear the Shelters' day two years ago. She meowed the first half of the 2hr drive home, then accepted her fate. She was never a cuddler and showed little affection for the first 6 months. However, I' love an adventure, and this 10 year old cat was about to live the rest of it's days out with excitement! I retrofitted my little campervan with a litterbox and food trays, and since then Marbs and I have done over 20 camping trips – she loves to sit in the back and watch the world go by as we drive, or come cuddle me up front. She's learned to nature-poop, never roams far, and has even learned to show a little affection! She makes everyone smile when they see her cruising around the country with me, and still remains to have a resting… grumpy face. Fun fact: Her original family reported her missing 1 year before she made her way into the RSPCA's hands – what was she doing all that time? She refuses to tell me! You can follow at @jennifervaniston instagram

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