Let me introduce you to Marble and our family. Marble is turning 14 next month, I’ve had him since he was approx. 15 months old. I’ll never forget the day I picked him up, My ex wasn’t expecting me to come home with him, but I’m so thankful I took a travel cage with me that day as there was no way he was staying there and living in that situation. The coming weeks turning into months was quite the journey, we had to earn his trust as the poor boy didn’t trust anyone. We lived in a townhouse at the time and he spent the time hid behind our washing machine and toilet, it didn’t matter what we did he wouldn’t come out until he was ready, the poor boy was scared of his own shadow. In the first few days my ex noticed there was something not quite right with his eye, he had a big black mass in his eye. The first of a couple of health issues. Marble helps me with my many anxiety and health issues and even comes to my psychologist appointments with me, I would be lost without Marble

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