Maple came to us the hour that my Dad was having major surgery. She had been abandoned for over a month and had almost been hit by several cars. Nobody could catch her. She was starving, and the fur around her eyes was thin and coarse. I was leaving a client’s house who hadn’t showed up when she ran in front of my car.
I sat in the grass and she came to me, booped my hand with her nose to say hello, and continued eating a nearby bush. Soon after she let me pick her up and take her home.
I never intended to adopt Maple. She was our eighth foster and I intended to find her a loving home through the Rabbit Sanctuary. Then she loved us in the hardest times, and we couldn’t let her go.
Maple loves to sleep between our heads at night after we turn out the light. She is fearless – only ever thumping out of excitement when she hears the crumpling of the treat bag or the fridge door open. She loves to be at the centre of our lives. Maple is our sunshine and comfort. We are forever grateful for her.

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