I saw Maple-Lou (formerly Lulu) on PetRescue after getting the ok from my family to get another dog. We had recently lost our last dog and were ready to welcome another baby into our home. Maple’s foster mum Heather had taken the most beautiful photos of Maple. Her eyes spoke to me and I knew she was it. We didn’t know much about Maple except that she was young dog who had lived on the street, had previously had babies and had scars on her face and legs. She had such a beautiful temperament from the beginning but it has been so heart-warming to see her blossom. Getting to know her has been an amazing experience. She has really come out of her shell. We love to cuddle together and she can always cheer me up. Animals really do have that sixth sense. I’ve always loved animals but I’ve never felt so close to an animal as I feel to Maple. She really is my best friend. I think the fact that Maple turned me from a cat person into a dog person speaks volumes! Thank you so much PetRescue for helping me find my best friend! 🙂

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