She was hiding behind the other cats in the enclosure but came forward when my partner crouched down. She climbed into her arms and snuggled into her neck and we knew she was ours. Manis.
Months later, with dinner on the stove, we were having a drink next door with friends when Manis appeared, meowing loudly. We were happy to see her and give her some pets and love. She purred and head butted us but she kept meowing and moving back towards our back door. She'd been fed shortly before so we called her back to us, and asked what she wanted, but she continued walking back and forth towards us and our back door.
Eventually I got up and followed her. Inside the back door she went and I went after her—to find the gas flame had gone out on the stove and the house was rapidly filling with gas! I was terrified. One spark and …
Not only did Manis save our dinner, she saved our lives!

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