Manhattan was adopted in 2016. She has been my angel and teacher right up until the day she passed away this year. Maddi (for short) was 4years old when I adopted her, she was very timid and scared of basically everything. She taught me all about fearful dogs and she has shown me courage every single day of her life. One of my greatest joys came from watching her start to enjoy life, she learnt how to run, how to play and how to trust life again. She absolutely loved feeling safe and running free on the beach. She loved every dog she met, she even helped me foster other dogs. Maddi was happy and loving everyday of her life. She was also my project dog when I was studying Dog Training and Behaviours, she helped show me how to train a dog to do complex skills and assistance skills. Her patience with me was never ending and together we passed all our practical assessments. I watched her confidence grow daily with each new level we reached and our ability to communicate was magical. We transformed each other. She is forever in my heart and I miss her deeply.

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