Our dog Mak was meant to be. I saw him online through pet rescue by complete accident. I wanted a boy dog and he was listed as a girl on the website. I had been checking it daily and one day there were no new boy dogs. I contacted the rescue and tried to organise a meet and greet. After a few emails, I stopped hearing from the rescue and saw that Mak’s profile had been updated to say he would be at the RSPCA adopt out. My partner and I went early and were there for opening. Not necessarily to get Mak but to definitely get a dog that day. When the gates opened, everyone swarmed to the front. And I decided we should start from the back and work forward. The first rescue stall we walked past was the one Mak was with and it was meant to be. I held him and started to cry. He’s our baby, sleeps in our bed, he just celebrated his 1st birthday and will forever be my first child.

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