Maisie was dumped by her previous owner. He was happy for her to be put down as a healthy 1 year old. He said she was untrainable. We think she is a kelpie x G shep.
Whatever happened to her she had extreme separation anxiety and after 80 applications to adopt her, I was the lucky one, with acreage, a mature boy dog for guidance and i was home 24/7.
She was abit of an anarchist nut-bag on arrival and needed some training and structure – brain and body were constantly in top gear. Between Raffety and myself, she learnt quickly and loved having a purposeful job.
Raffety has sadly now gone, and Maisie is my constant companion, farm helper, playmate and soulmate.
The attached video fills in the gaps.
(Can send better photo of me and Maisie later if needed. Living on my own i don't have any that others have taken. This from a newspaper article.)

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