Maisie has made me the happiest dog mum on the whole planet!

I rescued Maisie in April 2020, at the time I suffered from extreme anxiety, had just lost my job due to covid and was very undecided whether to stay in Melbourne or move back to NZ. After a long debate I decided to finally take the leap and rescue my little girl. I saw Maisie on pet rescue and she was in NSW, I offered to drive the 10 hours to meet with her! When I took her in she had never been socialised with other dogs and was not the cuddliest of girls, although very loving. She now gets two walks a day with her bestfriends Loki and Alfie, and plays with all of the dogs at the park. She never leaves my side, sleeps in bed with me, and will sit on my lap to help me work (25kgs and all!). She is definitely part of my family and the best part of my day, everyday!

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