Where to start? Magnus was fostered by such a beautiful, loving family. When I met him I just knew he was gonna be my best mate. At the time I picked him up from his foster family to bring him to his new home, I almost couldn’t do it because they were so upset and didn’t want to say goodbye. They advised that although they desperately wanted him to remain a member of their family, they couldn’t as they had already kept 3 or 4. I so wanted to make sure I could give him the love and attention that this family gave him and more. At first he was a little timid and a bit scared of everything but it took no time at all for him to blossom into the amazing boy he is now. I feel we have the strongest bond between us and honestly sometimes I love him so much my heart feels like it will burst. He’s definitely spoilt (my bad), a little cheeky and brings joy to anyone he comes into contact with. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. Thank you PetRescue xx

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