I remember picking up my new scruffy long haired brown dog. I cared little about the dog breed. I have a chronic illness and wanted a companion dog to love.

A bath and trim later, my brown dog turned into Maggie, a cute white dog with a long fluffy feather of a tail and the cutest pointy, radar ears covered in long hair. Initially, Maggie ate non-stop and spent her first few weeks hiding under the bed or rolling submissively on her back.

It takes only one look at those shiny black button eyes, long lashes and hairy, radar ears, and she has charmed her way into your heart. The dog park is a breeze as she converts all available hands to pats and tummy tickles.

She is slower and older now. Maggie's early morning toilet break is a slow affair. She no longer gobbles down any food she spies. On days when my illness becomes difficult, she lies patiently on the end of my bed and keeps me company. Thank you for coming to stay, my little Maggie.

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