"Diamond in the rough" After the sad loss of our dog we decided the RSPCA would be the kindest way to find our next companion. Luckily for us we were showed many dogs, but the one that stood out was 1 year old Maggie- blue heeler jack Russell cross. From what we have heard you don't choose the dog, it chooses you and this was the case as she wagged her tail and licked my hand I knew she was the one. The first day we brought her home she tried to catch the ball with not much success but the next day was catching like a pro. Through the years she has grown up and protected both our grandsons who just adore her. Among Maggie's achievements is fetching the paper and unwrapping it, finding (usually) the biggest stick at the park or two and carries it home. The mention of the words(bike ride) get her running around and tail wagging as she loves sitting in her basket and enjoying a ride. During the day Maggie keeps hubby company in bed as he suffers from chronic back pain. Maggie is now 10 years old and the smartest most loving girl.

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