When we picked her up, she could not wait to leave, running straight for our car. She required 3 baths to wash away the red dust from living in a shelter outside and breeding puppies. She was afraid of men and did not understand what a treat was. She would just carry it around in her mouth for hours. Would be aggressive towards our other pug during dinner and bite us if we went near her food. No understanding what a television was. She would see an animal and try and get behind the television unit. I would call out to my partner from the kitchen if she wanted a drink and Maggie would cower behind the lounge suite. 8 months of intense love and care to show her she was wanted and had free range of the house and there was no need to protect her food and this little girl now runs the house. 7 years later she has no aggression with food, loves men, no problems with loud noises and will swallow her treats, like she is a seagull.

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