Mum adopted Maggie-the-Moggie. They said the cat was fully adult and over 2 years old. Mum had made me promise to have her animals painlessly put to sleep if she should die as she felt they would suffer without her. She loved all her animals, and Maggie was her rock.

I simply couldnt keep that promise. Maggie became mine at 15 years old, and took on management of what I suspect was the 6th dog in her life – and her first companion cat.

At 20 years, this little soul is a bit more grumpy. A bit slower. But she still manages and loves her Staffy, the pet quails and me. She is the most constant and enduring of all of the pedigree and rescue animals that my mother or I have had through our lives. By adopting her Mum gave her a life. Maggie then challenged Mum in health and sat with her through her decline. She has brought stability to my doggy home and it is an honour to sit with her through all the time I can give her.

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