Jimmy and the Angel
Jim our 11 year old Jack Russell was our love and joy, he especially enjoyed walks around the lake. He was on medication for Cushing’s disease, he passed away on 2/12/2018

While looking at ads on Pet Rescue we came across a dog that we immediately shared a connection with. An elderly Staffy was in palliative care and required a home for her final days. She arrived at our house on 26/01/2019, she was overweight, short of breath and on two types of medication. We took her to a specialist who did an x-ray, an ultrasound on her heart and tested for Cushing’s disease. The result was she was on the incorrect medication and has Cushing’s disease, the same as Jim!

She is no longer in palliative care, has lost weight and is happy and healthy. She has found a new home and family. Although Jimmy can no longer join us on our lake walks, he has sent an angel in his place called Maggie.

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