I collected Mack Daddy from a house in response to a surrender request. The plan was to transfer him to the rescue for a wellbeing assessment and then begin the search for his furever family. What happened next threw me completely, as I picked up a frail, starving mouse-sized creature. Mack Daddy entered my care as a foster in a critical state; for the first 10 days we assessed his quality of life every 24 hours – survival uncertain. At day 10 I celebrated Mack Daddy gaining “bootie”(weight) with the rescue community. Mack Daddy continued his recovery to gorgeous rat-sized snuggler with snacks, love and time. Despite this, his chronic respiratory issues mean he remains a beloved “permie foster” to ensure his specific and ongoing care needs are met. Whilst foster care focussed on rehabilitation and adoption is always the goal; Mack Daddy’s health and care needs called on me to revise my plans. Where fostering Neville taught me what’s possible in critical care, fostering Mack Daddy has shown me the importance of tailoring the plan to the animal – one size does not fit all. Being Mack Daddy’s permie-foster Mum has and continues to be my honor and privilege.

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