I first meet Mac at a friend’s dads home. (Dec 2018) Bob was fostering Mac and has fostered many other dogs. Our family was going through a particularly difficult time during this period. I was very keen to adopt a dog , but was really looking for a female dog. My friend Julie talked about Mac & how terribly timid he was & especially afraid of men. Mac had clearly been abused & at first we thought his soul was broken. He was still cautious of Bob even though he fed him & was very kind to him. We continued to visit Mac & by the second meeting Mac had chosen me. Never leaving my side. We then adopted Mac (Jan 2019) We knew he would need lots of adjustment time. Mac meet our children’s dogs & was very social with them. Mac is a 2 year old, Lab, kelpie & border collie X , and is the sweetest boy who has adjusted amazingly and fitted into our household extremely well. He has stolen my heart & is a wonderful addition to our family. The unconditional love we receive from Mac is priceless. Adopting equals a better life for all.

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