When we first met Mac, he was scared of everything. He was scared to sleep. Anytime he heard a noise he would jump up and be wide awake. He was very shy and new people and animals would scare him. He didn't even know how to eat certain treats (pig Trotter) so I would sit on the floor and help him. He entered our home with zero confidence and met our very confident first rescue Luffy (basset hound cross). Since being in our care, Mac has developed and grown such a beautiful personality. When we adopted him we brought him back to the rescue to say goodbye to the workers and they couldn't believe how calm he was. Mac still has some anxiety with loud noises, people wearing boots, car rides and other dogs but he is our beautiful boy who has taught us so much about paitence and love. Him and luffy are the best of friends and they love playing, napping, eating (they loveeee eating) and going on adventures together. We love our little fur family so much and look forward to coming home to see their beautiful faces every night.

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