Meet my four little love bugs✨⁣
⁣The journey started when a good friend of mine Faith,asked me to rescue 4 kittens in her backyard which has been motherless for almost one week. Since they became motherless at 2 weeks old. Scared, frightened and very hungry.. I didn’t think twice.⁣
They need to be feed round the clock since I’ve got them in a very fragile stage 🍼, I am not professional animal rescuer and not sure how to do it but I did all the research on how to take care of kitten on there very sensitive stage of life. In my heart I can’t afford to loss even just one of them .
I can’t believe that was 7 months ago ago .So much happened since I have these guys they brings me so much happiness⁣
I’m so glad that I was able to do this small⁣ little rescue I am so proud that I didn’t gave up on them ♥️🥰⁣

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