When our forever doggo first lolled into view she promptly went belly up asking complete strangers to scritch her belly. She still does this every day two and half years later. Luna (or Loonie, Bubba, Lune-dog, Puppo – the nicknames are endless) is seemingly endlessly happy – unless late for her walks, and reminds us that we are not alone, that we are one pat or tummy rub away from a longing loving look quickly chased with some cheeky sloppy licks. She is family. Even when she was seriously injured she wanted to let us know she was OK with her customary looks and licks. It was some of the most challenging but ultimately triumphant times for us as she recovered – insert shamless plug of having pet insurance – as without it our 'Loonie' would have been a short joyfully sad footnote. Instead she is leading the pack while we all happily follow in her paw steps.

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